15 Days in June

15 Days in June

by Jesse Fink
published 2007 Ligature untapped genre Sport

The 2006 World Cup was an extraordinary tournament for Australia, making us fall in love with the World Game like never before – and then breaking our hearts. This acclaimed account of Australia’s entry into and exit from the World Cup is essential reading for local fans of the world game as well as those wanting to understand what it’s all about.

‘Already a classic. 15 Days in June brings back great memories, of course, but also provides context to football’s growth, and its ongoing problems. A must-read for any football fan in Australia.’ — Simon Hill

‘Jesse Fink is not only a great storyteller but he’s a master with words. He has the wonderful ability to transport you to the moment and keep you there, enthralled from the first page to the last.’ — Ray Gatt

15 Days in June gives much more than a fan’s recollection of the tournament. Fink delves into the psyche of a country and how it came so wholeheartedly to support a sport it had always considered foreign. He explores the background movements that brought the important pieces together away from the pitch. Most of all, he draws the links between matches, countries, politics and history that make football the true world game and the benefits that anyone who is a part of it can experience.’ — Tim Cahill

Jesse Fink is a journalist and author. His books include the internationally bestselling AC/DC biographies, The Youngs (2013) and Bon (2017). His most recent work, co-written with Luis Navia, is Pure Narco (2020). 15 Days in June was first published in 2007.