Augustine’s Lunch

Augustine’s Lunch

by Laura Bloom
published 2001 Ligature untapped genre Young Adult

Fourteen-year-old Gus goes from being one of popular kids to a victim on the lowest rung, all thanks to the new boy Steve. And as if that’s not bad enough, Gus’s big brother Luke develops an interest in the one girl Gus has his heart set on—and expects Gus to help him get her! What’s a tender-hearted, budding gourmet to do? Lie down and take it—or take action?

Augustine’s Lunch may not do much for sausage rolls, but as a novel about friendship, it’s funny, breezy, wise and satisfying, and goes down a treat.’ Garry Disher

‘This is a funny, gentle, mischievous book, and it made me very hungry.’ Jaclyn Moriarty

Helen Sykes, writing for English in Australia, called Augustine’s Lunch ‘fresh, original and lots of fun’, a book that ‘begs for a place in your reading list for Years 7 and 8.’

Originally published under the name Laura Budd in 2001, Augustine’s Lunch was shortlisted for the Ethel Turner Prize for Young People’s Literature, Runner Up in the Younger Australian Reader’s Awards, and was once said to be one of the most borrowed books in school libraries. Past readers will be keen to revisit it—and even ready to share it with their children.

Laura Bloom is an acclaimed, bestselling author. Her work includes The Dream Riders series with Jessie Blackadder for younger readers, and, most recently, the adult novel The Women and the Girls (2020). The reviewer for Better Reading was more than impressed by The Women and the Girls. ‘To say that Laura is a literary powerhouse is an understatement—she really is one of Australia’s most interesting and yet underrated authors. With the release of The Women and the Girls, I predict this will change. This novel has everything from bestseller to Netflix series written all over it.’ For more information visit