Garry Disher’s first four Wyatt novels

WyattsGarry Disher’s latest book in his best-selling and critically-acclaimed Wyatt series, The Heat, is out now from the excellent people at Text. This is the eighth outing for the hard-boiled, hard-bitten and frequently hard-up criminal—the last one, Wyatt, won the Ned Kelly award for Best Novel in 2010. And the first four Wyatt novels—Kickback, Paydirt, Deathdeal and Crosskill—are now available in new electronic editions from Ligature.  

The series hits the ground running, and the first four books see Wyatt entangled in hits and heists from a noirish Melbourne to a rural South Australian outpost and on to a seedy Brisbane and Gold Coast as the jobs get bigger and more dangerous and Wyatt’s enemies grow more powerful and numerous. Each of the books builds on the last while standing on its own as a perfectly constructed crime thriller. 

If you’ve read the recent Wyatts, or you’re about to—and you really should—then go back to where it all began with these classics of Australian crime writing.

‘For the connoisseur of crime the Wyatt series represents Disher at his stylish best… wicked and wonderful. Welcome back, Wyatt.’  — Sydney Morning Herald

‘Writing of the highest calibre, neatly crafted and strongly evocative.’ — Sunday Mail

‘Garry Disher is one of Australia’s most exceptional crime writers… The spare and sparse language, particularly in the way Disher frames the landscape, makes lines leap from the page.’ — Good Reading

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